Powassan Losses to Halton

Sep 20, 2013

On Sunday September 15th, the Powassan Eagles took on the new expansion franchise, the Halton Ravens. The Ravens came into the game looking for their first win of the season. Halton would look to its veteran leadership as they have six 21 year olds with OPJHL experience. However, they would be pestered by the Eagles 2nd year forward, Josh Storie, as he was named the Eagles’ “Roughneck” of the Game,” in the 4-3 win over the Sheburne Red Wings. However, on this night, the Ravens proved to be too much for the Eagles as they sent the Eagles home with a 7-4 loss.

Coach Scott Colosimo has incorporated the “Roughneck of the Game” into the Eagles program this season. The player will receive this award by working shift in and shift out, for 100% of the game. This award also represents Colosimo’s hard working past, as he has worked on oil rigs as a roughneck in Northern Alberta, after leaving his assistant coaching position in the Federal Hockey League with the 1000 Island Privateers. He went on to say, “Being a roughneck might be the hardest job around. 12 hour days in minus 40 degree weather, 20 days straight, in the middle of nowhere. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. You have got to learn to be tough in those conditions.”

When Scott was asked about Storie being name “Roughneck of the Game,” Scott commented, “It’s good to have a player like Storie in the lineup. He is a real, “hard hat and boots” type of player who will do whatever it takes for the team and does it at 100% everynight.” Josh Storie, is very familiar with hard working enironments, as he served as a firefighter this past summer, in Northern Ontario.

Looking Forward:

The Eagles area young team this season, having a lot of turnover from last season, they still feel that their young roster brings a lot of potential and upside, as the season progresses. The transition to Juniors may not be easy for some, as many players come from midget or high school backgrounds, where they may only play once or twice a week. “Younger guys will have to learn to adapt to a faster and more physical game, while staying well-conditioned for a lengthy season that some may be unaccustomed to.” said Scout Kevin Totten.

The Eagles continue their season as they take on the Temiscaming Titans, Friday night in Powassan at 7:30pm, and will play the Bobcaygeon Bucks, Sunday afternoon at 2:30.

Powassan will certainly have Friday’s match-up circled on their calendar, as they were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs by Temiscaming last season. Coach Colosimo went on to say that his team will be 100% focused for both match-ups, as they will not dwell on last season’s eliminations loss.