Anybody playing for the Seguin Huskies or Parry Sound Islanders will be staying at the Grand Tappattoo Resort in Seguin Ontario. The Grand Tappattoo offer all the luxuries and amenities a player could ever want. Starting with there living  accommodations which feature two queen size beds, with a TV viewing area with a flat-screen and fireplace.

They have access to wifi everywhere on the resort property and laundry services are available as well. All bedding is changed weekly as well as a the cleaning of the room. There is a heated indoor swimming pool that all players have access to as well as a sauna, weight room and community TV viewing area, for player meetings, video etc.

The players are fed 3 times daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and if they have a road game a snack and fruit are provided on the bus prepared for by the Grand Tappattoo staff. There is also a tuc shop in the front lobby of the resort open 24hrs a day should the players feel they want to access it. The Grand Tappattoo is a 4 star resort that we feel is in a class of its own. Our goal is to make sure all our players have the amenities of home.